Where Aesthetics and Content Align: Books and Interior Design

Where Aesthetics and Content Align: Books and Interior Design - Juniper Custom

At Juniper Custom, we love the opportunity to work with design professionals and believe that some of our best work has come from these collaborations. Since 2001, we have worked with thousands of interior designers, architects, visual merchandisers, event planners, real estate developers, and others in the design trade to integrate books and libraries into projects all around the world. Our Founder, Thatcher Wine, has been an innovator in reinventing what books can look like and how they can be installed in homes, hotels, businesses, and just about every type of property imaginable. 

Residential Interior Design

Books are an incredible way to make a house feel like a home. When we work with residential designers, we thoughtfully curate book collections around subjects of interest to a client, while also achieving the style specified by a designer. Before we started curating and designing book collections for designers, the options for buying books in quantity were very limited. We have made it easy for designers to bring the same level of attention to detail to bookshelves that they already bring to every other aspect of a home.  

We are very comfortable discussing scale, color, materials, styling, and other design considerations with designers. We have hundreds of styles to choose from when it comes to filling the shelves with the ideal books. Whether it’s a traditional home, a contemporary loft, or any other space, we will put together the books that work perfectly for your project!

Interior Design Book Mural Installation, Polo Players and Horses

Luxury Residential Buildings

Along with single family homes, we also offer curated book collections and beautifully designed libraries for residential buildings. Adding books to the common areas or dedicated library of a residential building has grown in popularity. We approach each project first by understanding the demographics of the residents and visitors, then curating book collections and styles of books that really feel like they belong. 

Our collections for residential buildings can range from purely decorative book mural installations that are works of art in a rarely before seen medium to highly curated subject matter collections designed to inspire and entertain. We work with members of your team to understand all of the requirements with regards to dimensions, how guests will interact with the space, and can provide training on maintaining the library.  

Hotel Raffles Singapore Writers Bar with Leather Library


Hotels and Restaurants

When we work with hospitality designers, we are mindful of how an investment in books can truly elevate the overall guest experience. Whether you are adding books to a hotel lobby, restaurant or bar, meeting areas, or guest suites, we bring a level of experience and expertise to every project that is unrivaled. 

Some of our hospitality projects are purely decorative, for example, the mural shown here of the bar at the Omni Louisville hotel. We also curate very specific collections of books around requested subjects, such as the NoMad Hotel library. The library for the NoMad NYC was the very first large scale residential style book collection ever installed in a hotel. 

Omni Louisville Colorado Bar Mural Installation

Other projects for hotels and restaurants have featured value engineered books by color, paper wrapped books, fabric wrapped books, and antique leather books by the foot.

Custom Library for SteakhouseFor this high-end steak house, we created custom jackets that featured a printed title related to the world of BBQ. Each book featured was curated by Juniper Custom and approved by the client. On each jacket, subtle iconography highlights what is inside. 

Spas, Events, and Other Projects 

We love getting creative with what books look like and how they can add to a property. For spas, we have curated calming collections of wellness books wrapped in white jackets. 

Books Wrapped in White Jackets

For this project, we filled shelves with uniform white books, each hand-wrapped in fabric/paper. This design gives the space the warmth and comfort of book-filled shelves, while still keeping the environment tranquil, subtle, and beautiful. 

For Events, we have created centerpieces, accents, logo walls, custom gifts, bookcase dividing walls, and much more. The presence of books makes spaces more comfortable and guests can interact with the books, if desired. While guests are used to seeing two-dimensional artwork and may not find it engaging, they are intrigued when they see books and artwork combined in never-before-seen installations. 

Juniper Custom Design Services

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of Design Services for all types of projects involving books. Everyone on our team from our graphic designers to project managers, book curators, and operations team members, are all experienced in sourcing, creating, designing, packing, and shipping book collections and libraries of all sizes. Over 22 years, we have loved working with the design trade including many of the world’s top interior designers, architects, real estate developers, visual merchandisers, hospitality designers and others. Books add depth, comfort, and style to every project and we look forward to helping with yours!