Custom Services

Behind Juniper Custom

At Juniper Custom, we go beyond offering stunning book sets and collections. Step into a world where your book projects, gifts, and ideas are transformed into captivating realities. Explore the endless possibilities that await you with Juniper Custom's Services!

Enjoy the flexibility to select exactly what you need, whether a complete custom project or individual services tailored to your project requirements. The choice is yours at Juniper Custom! Please email through the form below if you want to discuss any of our services mentioned above.

  • Planning
  • Curating
  • Product Design
  • Digital Design Services
  • Managing projects before, during and after installation
  • Kit Packing
  • Global Shipping
  • Logistics
  • Installation Planning and Execution
  • Client Gift Distribution
  • VIP, Corporate Gifting
  • Book Club Programs
  • Author & Publisher Collaborations

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