Gifting & Other Programs

Juniper Custom excels at creating custom book gifts. We have worked with individuals, families, and businesses on gifting programs, managing all aspects the creation of unique items and logistics of delivery.   

Our Gifting & Program Management services include: 

  • Understanding client objectives, then co-designing a program that includes the curation of book titles, custom design work, packaging, timing, and logistics
  • Working with our Curation and Design teams to source books, design, and produce custom jackets as needed
  • Collaborating with clients to write and approve custom gift messaging for the printed jackets and any associated printed collateral. 
  • Generating creative packaging ideas that are on-brand for the client's objectives
  • Managing the logistics of Gifting programs including the cadence of shipments to multiple addresses including international destinations
  • Communications around address updates and other logistical coordination required for programs that extend for months and years.

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