Design Services

Juniper Custom offers a comprehensive suite of Design Services for all types of projects involving books. Our team of graphic designers is experienced working homeowners, gift givers, book collectors, interior designers, architects, real estate developers, visual merchandisers, hospitality, and other clients. We have custom designed thousands of custom projects and provide a very unique offering at the intersection of books and design.

Our Design services include: 

  • Evaluating plans, drawings, elevations, mood boards, photography, and artwork
  • Conceptualizing and creating designs for book sets, book collections, book murals, and libraries
  • Presenting design comps and iterating based on client feedback
  • Creating design renderings of finished installations 
  • Preparing prototypes and samples as needed
  • Producing collateral materials to accompany books, for example, inserts for gifting programs.

Design services are initiated with a deposit. Select an offering below that matches your design needs to begin the process and a member of our design team will contact you regarding your design needs.

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