We Believe

books are good for the world.

We believe that the more books there are in the world, the better place it can be. The more we can encourage customers to buy books, read books and decorate with books, the more good we can all do.

We Believe

books are not just words on a page.

Our philosophy is books are not simply words on a page or objects on a shelf. Their stories and meaning seep through their bindings, on to the covers, into our homes, and throughout our lives.

We Believe

books have meaning.

Even when you are not reading a book, books have meaning. The meaning is derived from their stories and their authors, as well as the place of the book in our lives and our homes. Juniper Books helps customers express themselves through their book collections.

Our Mission

Juniper Custom is dedicated to elevating the printed book by enhancing its design quality and aesthetic, deepening the meaning of books in our lives, and facilitating the connection between the stories books tell us and the stories they tell about us. 

Our Values

We create and provide beautiful, high-quality products that stand the test of time.  We pay attention to the details and our work shows it.


We are committed to supporting creativity and continuous improvement at every opportunity.  We create amazing products and designs for customers every day. 


We deliver extraordinary customer service and aim to exceed expectations. We stand behind our creations and everything we sell.  


Juniper Books is a market leader and everyone on our team is a leader. We are open, curious, committed to learning and creating solutions that are a win for all.