Event Services

Juniper Custom offers a variety of services for incorporating books into Events including conferences, launches, parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and other celebrations.  

Our Event services include: 

  • Idea generation for creating memorable gifts for distribution related to an event
  • Creating design comps and renderings for approval prior to production
  • Past projects have included creating book murals with company logos and/or designs for an event. Our patented book murals present a unique and very eye catching three dimensional method of displaying logos, artwork, typography, and / or photography in ways that guests have not seen before.
  • Other projects have involved making individual books and book sets with custom jackets as party favors, these have incorporated design elements and gift messaging for the event. All Juniper Books products are available for customization, or we can custom curate books around any requested theme.
  • Our in-house Curators, Designers, and Project Managers collaborate on each project to ensure that timelines are developed and books arrive in time for special events. 

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