Juniper Custom Predictions: How Literature Will Shape Interior Design in 2024

Juniper Custom Predictions: How Literature Will Shape Interior Design in 2024 - Juniper Custom

Literature is one of the few things that truly transcends time. Even in an era where technology reigns supreme, books are ever present in our cultures and societies. The importance of storytelling, as well as the brief mental escape from reality, are what keep people reaching for books to this day. But what if books are not only meant to be read? And what happens when we push the boundaries of this sentiment? Here’s how literature will shape the world of interior design in 2024.

Make it Comfortable

The New York Times and TikTok have popularized a new term “Bookshelf Wealth' and it has gone viral. We don’t think the phrase is needed to describe what all of our clients already know - books make a home more comfortable. Whether it is a sign of affluence or not misses the point that books are beautiful, books are cozy, and when your shelves are filled with thoughtful additions, everything looks like it belongs.

Tell Your Story Across Your Shelves

In our founder’s book, For the Love of Books: Designing and Curating a Home Library, Thatcher writes, “Almost everyone has a book collection whether they realize it or not. The books you read in school, the books you’ve been given by friends, the books you inherited from your parents or grandparents. There is a story in all of them. You can choose to tell this story in your present home, or to part ways with these books and tell a different story.”

When you’re looking at your bookshelf and making changes, ask yourself questions about what really matters to you and what really reflects your personality and sense of style. You can design your own bookshelves to reflect your essence. This will give your home the perfectly cozy, lived-in look that is as unique to you as your very own fingerprint!

Small, Boutique, Niche, and Bespoke are Big in Design

Not only is shopping small a great way to support your community, but it’s also an amazing way to find beautifully unique items for your home. Rather than buying from major mass retailers, why not invest in unique, one of a kind items? Sculptures, knit wool blankets, handmade pottery, and painted canvases will transform your living space into a personal art exhibit! Even customized books can add an element of exquisiteness to your home.

Nostalgia Meets The Now

This year, vintage items will sit comfortably next to brand new pieces of decor. Incorporating new and old items into the same space (it could be new and old books, or new books and vintage bookends) is fun and stylish. Vintage shopping is both an enjoyable scavenger hunt as well as a great way to source unique pieces. And oftentimes you’ll find that the items are worth a lot more than you paid for. Antique books, for example, can hold major value as well as shelf appeal. Their beautifully intricate spines can give any living space the perfect touch of history. If you’re interested in collecting antique books, make sure to think beyond the page too. Vintage typewriters in which these books were created are a great way to tie in your space and create a full circle experience. And don’t be afraid to mix your new books with old! This is the year when nostalgia meets the now.