Juniper Custom Can Take Your Literary Gifting One Step Further

Juniper Custom Can Take Your Literary Gifting One Step Further - Juniper Custom

Love is a word that many people associate with books, from love poetry to having a love of books, or just feeling more romantic in a bookstore or library. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to give a romantic bookish gift. If you’re shopping for someone who is book obsessed, book curious, or someone who appreciates a thoughtful meaningful gift, why not incorporate love into the books themselves?

To assist the literary lovebirds out there, we have come up with three ways to bring an extra element of love to any bookish gift. With our design touch and curation expertise, we love helping gift givers bring an element of warmth and personality to books in ways rarely seen before. To put it simply, a beautiful collection of books will help bring love into the room.

Add A Custom Note

Juniper Custom Customized Flap Text Book Jacket


The inside flap of a book jacket is the perfect place to add a special message. Not only will they feel so appreciated in the moment, but they will also be reminded of your gift every time they open the book to read. It’s a thoughtful way to put a smile on their face even at times when you’re not there. The book jacket in this photo was customized to say “Somewhere in these beginning pages I fell in love with you; looking forward to more magical moments getting to the end.” 

Over the years, we have printed everything on book flaps from favorite quotes, love letters, to marriage proposals! You can request customized “flap text” with just about every Juniper Custom order and it is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind, meaningful gift. 

 Personalize Their Favorite Series

Juniper Custom Book Jackets Customized Harry Potter Book Jackets
You can customize any book set on Juniper Custom with a favorite color, or you can even upload a personal photo or other artwork for us to print across the spines. Personalized book sets are really unique and powerful gifts. They convey so much emotion and personality on the shelves. Every time the recipient of your loving gift looks at their shelf, they will see the books they love and the photo or design you created just for them, making them feel extra special.

In this featured photo, the couple combined their favorite series, Harry Potter, with an absolutely stunning photo of themselves. A customized set is such a great way to personalize and bring an element of love into a home’s decor.

Why not go above and beyond and customize their favorite book series?

Commemorate An Important Date

Juniper Custom Customize Your Book Set For Your Wedding or Special Event Book Jackets


We’ve been fortunate at Juniper Books and Juniper Custom over the years to be a part of many weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and other momentous occasions. Individuals, couples, families, and event planners have hired us to make everything from wedding gifts to housewarming presents, party centerpieces to special anniversary gifts (did you know that the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper? Hint hint!)

We can customize our book jackets in the ways mentioned above (custom printed flap text and/or custom printed artwork) to help literary lovebirds and design aficionados achieve a truly unique element for special occasions and spaces. Books can become an incredibly personalized, memorable, surprising, and sentimental piece of decor wherever you want to add a little dose of love!

We hope these tips are helpful, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before getting started on your custom commissioned book set. Now we’re going to get back to manifesting an inquiry from Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce to work on a marriage proposal book set!