Elevate Your Special Event With A Stunning Book Installation

Elevate Your Special Event With A Stunning Book Installation - Juniper Custom

This holiday season feels extra special here at Juniper Books and Juniper Custom. We are hosting our first open house in six years! Like a lot of other companies, we put our group gatherings on hold for years because of the pandemic, and this really feels like our grand reopening to the local community. 

While planning our holiday open house, we’ve taken the opportunity to show off the many creative ways one can incorporate books into an event space. For example, we installed a stunning mural of books featuring the Colorado mountains we call home. The book mural is based on original artwork by our friend Phil Lewis and is a great focal point for our event space. 

During our upcoming open house, the mural will serve as the backdrop for our first ever yoga class (taught by Lauren Lewis) and for our musician, Katie Mintle.  It’s also a perfectly Instagrammable photo wall for our guests!

Special events often take place in expansive rooms, and decorating such a large space can be difficult. We personally felt this way about our open house location and thought up a creative way to give the illusion of a more intimate setting — and yes, again with books! We decided to use bookcases to section out different areas of the room which all have different purposes. This way, guests can move throughout the space intentionally and peruse our bookshelves all the while. Yet again another creative and interactive way to incorporate books into any event! 

If you’re planning a grand event in 2024, beautiful customized book installations made for the occasion can be great focal points, centerpieces, room dividers, creative signage, and take home gifts! Juniper Custom offers a variety of services for incorporating books into events including conferences, launches, parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and other celebrations. 

Corporate Events

Bring a special touch to your next corporate event with a book installation custom tailored to your theme, guests, and personal style. We can make a mural as a backdrop for any room, show off your company logo on custom jackets, or offer smaller sets for accenting a room’s decor. Book murals can also serve as a room divider on a sturdy bookcase.

Books for Parties

Make your next party even more special with our custom designed book centerpieces, divider walls, logo installations, or branded party favor gift book sets. Our event installations are meticulously crafted and can be tailored to your specific theme, guests, and personal style. We have the flexibility to create decorative book sets of all sizes, including book murals that can serve as captivating backdrops for any room. Custom book sets and book mural installations make a big impression as they are not commonly seen so they really stand out.

Books for Wedding Centerpieces and Gifts

Make your wedding day even more special with our personalized book sets as centerpieces or bridesmaid, groomsmen, or guest gifts. At Juniper Custom, we take pride in creating bespoke gifts and installations that perfectly match your wedding theme, style, and guest list. If you’re into books and design, we can truly create something special just for you on your special day. Our custom jackets can be printed with names, the wedding date, and a special message. Smaller book sets can accent tables, we have the capabilities to make your event truly memorable.

Book sets can have table numbers across the spines, guest names on each book, and much more. 

Visual Merchandising And Retail Installations 

Juniper Books and Juniper Custom are trusted collaborators with retailers and brands worldwide. Over two decades, we have offered an array of services that include traditional book props but also go way beyond books as you’ve seen before. Our expertise extends to creating custom book jackets featuring brand logos, colors, and imagery, providing a seamless integration of the brand's identity with the unique medium of books.  

Whether it's curating or creating book props, incorporating brand elements, or creating immersive installations, we have the expertise to elevate a retail experience, create unique opportunities for activation, and leave a lasting impression on guests.