Behind The Scenes at Juniper Custom: Creating A Book Mural

Behind The Scenes at Juniper Custom: Creating A Book Mural

Do you have a hoodie from the school you went to? Maybe a bumper sticker? One of our Juniper Custom clients took school spirit to a whole new level with a University book mural in their home office!

When asked to design a custom book mural representing our client’s alma mater, we wondered if this might be the start of a new trend. What better way to show off your passion for your alma mater than having it be clearly on display in every zoom call and cocktail party from here to eternity?

It's common that families will move into a home with a beautiful library but they simply don’t have enough books to fill the shelves. While this might first appear as a problem, here at Juniper Custom we see blank bookshelves as an opportunity. In this case, the empty shelves became a canvas for the University of Michigan Wolverines to play in a whole new way.

Annette Jaffe Interiors, who we have worked with on projects for over a decade, brought us into the project to contribute our speciality to the client’s home they had so beautifully designed. They explained, “when a University of Michigan alum bought a new house last year, the builtin bookcase that came with it was big, kinda ugly, and a shade of white that had seen better days. We wallpapered the back, installed new hardware, and painted it black.” 

The overall concept for the shelves was to capture the spirit of a Michigan football game with one single photo. After the perfect image was chosen, our team at Juniper Custom got to work constructing the mural. Each book jacket we print is individually designed using our patented process, and we laminate and fold the jackets one book at a time. 

Organization is also always a priority when creating any book mural. Life has a tendency to be messy, and we want to help our client keep the mural organized once it’s installed in their home. Each book has its specific location printed on the front flap of the jacket which makes it easy to put the books back in the proper order. 

Once we completed the mural at our office in Boulder, Colorado, the books were ready to be shipped to their new home.

The final installation is nothing short of amazing. We always feel such a sense of appreciation and accomplishment when we get to be a part of a passion project like this. Our ultimate goal is for our books to bring an emotional and sentimental feeling to any interior space. You can check out a video featuring the entire mural creation process from start to finish on our Instagram. And if you’d like a custom book  mural in your own home, you can get started here. It could be inspired by places you went to school, somewhere you lived or have traveled, artwork or photography you love, Juniper Custom can bring it to life!