This Is What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

This Is What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

If we know one thing about our mothers, it’s that they are sentimental and love to personalize their decor. Maybe you had your initials monogrammed on your backpack growing up, or perhaps various objects in your childhood home were adorned with your family’s last name. While this might seem like a quirky trait of your mother’s, the truth is that she appreciates when people take the time to go the extra mile. Customized gifts offer a loving reminder of her family. Giving your mother a customized gift for Mother’s Day shows that you took extra care to create something special for the woman who started it all. 

It’s true that some customized gifts can fall short of expectations, so what can you get your mother that will last a lifetime and always appear timeless? We believe the answer is custom book sets with our patented book covers! 

Custom book jackets from Juniper Custom are comparable to art prints, so they will absolutely withstand the test of time. While the book sets are a stunning piece of decor on their own, you can also add custom messages on each jacket flap to remind your mother how much you love her. And if there is a specific author that your mother has read for years, you can also work with the Juniper Custom team to curate a collection of titles to highlight your mother’s interests. The possibilities are truly endless. If you’re searching for a place to start, here are some book sets we think would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Summer Reads Book Set

It’s never too early to start planning for summer, especially when it is the most popular season for vacationing. If your mother is already planning her next summer vacay (she absolutely is), then our Summer Reads Book Set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. From best selling novels to timeless classics, this set is the perfect companion for a lakeside retreat, beach house, or wherever your mother wants to cozy up with a good book. With such a stunning jacket design, this set will no doubt be on display year round around her house, and with each new vacation your mother can snag another book to read. How often do you find a piece of decor that is also totally functional? Mothers love when a gift combines both aesthetics and functionality!

Juniper Custom Summer Reads Book Set Custom Book Jackets

Personalized Cookbooks

If your mother loves to cook, she probably spends a lot of time decorating her kitchen. It’s always important to bring life and love into the spaces where we spend the most time. Our Personalized Cookbooks are the perfect way to make a kitchen truly feel like home. With multiple color options, you can pick a color that will match your mother’s decor, and of course you can customize the text on the jackets! If you also happen to be shopping for a wedding or housewarming gift this year, you can add two names onto the jacket to celebrate the shared home of the new couple! Without a doubt this book set will always be a crowd pleaser.

Juniper Custom Personalized Cookbooks Book Set Custom Book Jackets

Family Photo Book Set

If your family has ever done a group photoshoot, there is no doubt that your mother looks at those photos in her free time. To see her family all in one photo is absolutely priceless! While putting these photos in a picture frame is always an option, why not do something totally unique and creative! This fully custom Family Photo Book Set allows you to not only pick a photo for the jackets but also pick every title in the set! Maybe you can select a book that represents each member of your family, or fill the set with all your mother’s favorite titles. Either way, we have no doubt that this gift will make your mother’s heart sing, and it will be on display in her home forever and always. The family who customized the set pictured below couldn’t be happier with the gift, “I loved working with Juniper Custom on this special book set! My mother loves to read the classics, and we collaborated with the Juniper Custom team to curate her favorite titles, all wrapped in a cherished family photo. We definitely won Mother's Day 2023!” 


Juniper Custom Full Custom Book Set Custom Book Jackets