Fall Off Your Bookshelves

Color Curated Bookshelves by Juniper Books

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."  F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s that time of year when we close the book on summer and celebrate the change of seasons to autumn. At Juniper Books we transition our shelves and refresh our spaces to welcome the season and cozy-up our indoors.

Similar to Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf also felt the potential that fall portends and wrote, "And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves..." In the spirit of embracing this change and capturing the energy of this shift in seasons, here are four unique ways to embrace and capture fall’s essence that you might not have known were possible, simply by using books.

Penguin Classic Book Set in Jeweled Tones

Make a Change to your Bookshelves:  As we transition from summer to fall, we pack away our swimsuits and sandals, swapping them for sweaters and boots.  Simultaneously, perhaps we move our brightly colored objects to the back of the closet and bring out Halloween decorations, candles, and Thanksgiving decor. While many may not initially think of changing what’s on our bookshelves seasonally, it can be fun and pretty easy to do. Then, pull up a chair and settle in with a good book and a cup of tea. 

Redecorate for the Season: What does fall mean when it comes to books? It could mean organizing your bookshelves by color - perhaps fall tones with red, yellow, orange, and brown books. Antique leather-bound books always look great, but they provide an especially comfortable look in the fall. Books in other colors can be put in boxes and stored until you’re ready to change it up in a few months. Organizing your books by season could also mean rotating the subject matter of the books you have on the shelves or swapping books in different rooms. Maybe fall is the time for serious reading. Put away your beach reads and take out the literary classics and histories! You could also add some spooky books and use them to accent your Halloween decorations. 

Color Curated Bookshelves in Autumn Tones

Transform Your Books Forever or Temporarily: If you love your books and want to give them a new look, Juniper Custom can help. Customers ship us their books all the time to measure, design, and print new covers. Then we ship the books back with the new covers on and they are ready to place on the shelves! We can transform the color of your books, make new books look antique, and make old books look new (at least on the custom printed book jacket). We can also create book murals out of your books and supplement your collection with additions. Our custom printed book covers are removable so if you want to take them off in a few months and store them until next fall it’s easy to do!

Fantastical Fables Book Design

Quick Additions to Your Shelves: If you’d like to quickly add some book sets to your fall shelves, consider fantastical fablesspooky gothic literature, or Henry James. We can make these pretty quickly (see lead times on product pages) and they are great books with fun fall designs. 

(Pictured Right: Customized Fables Set)