7 Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Kids

7 Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Kids - Juniper Custom

Reading is an important aspect of everyday life. It will not only be a skill useful in the future but also a way to ignite a child’s imagination and become a coping mechanism in difficult times. Once a child gains the love of reading they will be able to explore every avenue of thought and inspiration. Along with developing this love, comes a way of connecting with your child and sharing a bond through a mutual love of the written word. So let’s get reading!

1. Read to Them from an Early Age

Start reading to your child from a young age. The earlier the better. Reading to them gets them more familiar with language and speaking. When they’re able, have them read to you! Reading is not just about learning, it is about connecting and spending time with your child.

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2. Make It a Ritual

Consistency is key. Make a ritual of you reading times. Whether you are reading every morning at breakfast, when they get home from school, or at bedroom, creating a consistent time to read will not only help inspire a love of reading but will help create memories as they get older! As you go, try making a log of books that they have read to show them their accomplishments and motivate them further. When reading becomes a natural part of their life, they will continue to view it as something they want to keep doing.

3. Don’t Push Them too Hard

If your child is being forced into something they don’t want to do, it will not do any good to push them. Trying to teach them to read is not as fun as reading with them. It takes time for children to get comfortable with recognizing letters and knowing how they sound. Make it as fun as possible for them or they might not want to continue in the future.

4. Go to the Library

Take a moment out of your busy schedule and go to the library. This shows them that reading can be a communal activity. Go to the programs that your libraries offer, like story times, to show them that other kids like reading too and that there are many different ways to enjoy a book.

5. Keep Books Everywhere

The more opportunities a child has to books, the more likely they are going to pick one up. Get books on every subject and keep them in every room of the house. This will not only help you get an idea of what your child enjoys to read but also get them to associate reading with everyday life.

6. Ask Questions and Be Interested

Get them talking about what they’re reading. Ask them who their favorite characters are or what just happened. Create activities for them that respond to the book. Ask them to draw you a picture of their favorite scene or show you how the character fought off the monster. Keep encouraging creativity and fun.

7. Pick Up Your Own Book

If your child never sees you read they are going to start to think that they shouldn’t have to as well. Be a role model for your child and read. You can even read them a part of what you’re reading. Exposing them to multiple subjects will give them the opportunity into what they may not be used to.

We hope that you find these tips helpful in encouraging your kids to read! Tell us how it goes and share your tips with other bookstagrammers using our hashtag #juniperbooks.