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About Us

Juniper Custom (link) is the ideal destination for all design professionals or anyone interested in creating a unique and personalized project with Juniper Custom. Our recently launched website allows customers to imagine and explore items unavailable on

We're a team of passionate book & design enthusiasts dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind book collections and libraries tailored to our client's unique tastes and preferences.

To ensure authors are compensated, our book curator partners with reputable publishers, guaranteeing that they receive proper compensation for their writings. 

Our book jackets are meticulously designed and hand-folded onto each book in our Boulder, Colorado studio with great care and attention to detail.

At Juniper Custom Custom, we pride ourselves on providing personalized attention and exceptional service to every client. While we acknowledge that our commitment to quality and care may come at a cost, we firmly believe it's a worthwhile investment that sets us apart.

Thatcher Wine, our founder, invented custom book jackets between 2008 and 2010. Our custom covers can change the look and color of any hardcover book, turn bookshelves into art installations, unify a home design, show off a corporate brand, and so much more. United States Patent No. 9,349,308 was granted to Thatcher and Juniper Books in 2016. Our expertise in creating a mural image across the spines of books is protected by patent law. We are recognized as masters of our art.

Custom Process

All custom orders are final sale

How do I place a Custom order? 

It’s never been easier to place your custom order with Juniper Custom than it is now. Simply follow the links below, 24/7 - pay your deposit, and we will contact you if we have questions or require follow-up conversations!

Custom Book Set (A - 1 - 15 books) [link that brings them to the custom book set landing page]

Custom Collection (B - 16 - 100 books) [link that brings them to the custom collection landing page]

Custom Library (C - 101+ books) [link that brings them to the library landing page]

Customized OTS (link)

What should I expect throughout the Collections and Library Custom process? 

Once a payment or deposit has been made, a dedicated team member will contact you to confirm the details. 

We are professionals in books and design, we want to hear from you to understand who will enjoy the project, what you want people to feel when they see it, and what kind of books you or your client want to enjoy!

For design professionals, we want to hear and understand your vision, we are here to support your designs and make it easier when communicating our process to your client. 

We will communicate mostly by email, sharing book lists and or design renderings - rest assured, we will only go to production with your final approval on books and design!

Can I speak with someone before I pay anything to you? 

We understand the needs of our global clientele and the long working hours of design professionals. To cater to their requirements, we have made purchasing custom projects available round the clock, 7 days a week. We aim to provide easy access to resources [link]  and enable clients to place orders without delay or assistance from a Juniper Custom associate.

If you wish to schedule a call with an associate, please click the following link. 

If you have a few questions that can be answered over email, please email for the fastest response. 

For a formal consultation with Thatcher Wine [link to his bio], kindly visit [link to planning landing page.} 

How long will it take to complete a custom order?

Custom project range from 1 week to 3-4 months +, depending on the complexity and size of the project. 

If you are in a hurry, we can add a rush fee to expedite the project. 

Before placing a rush order, we advise contacting customer service, as we cannot guarantee our availability to fulfill such requests at all times. 

I think I know what I want, but will you help me?

Yes, through our many services, we offer planning! Come to us early in the project, we can consult with builders to optimize the usable shelf space, or we can work with you to accommodate the shelves already there. 

Can you design jackets for a collection of books I already own? 

Yes, we require books we are designing for to be shipped to our studio, clients ship us their collections frequently. See the link below to learn more about designing jackets for books you own!

Ship Your Books To Us,  Custom-Designed Jackets [linked to section “4” in custom projects]

If I want to provide my logos or other art, how should I send that to you?

We request high-resolution logos in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, or SVG vector formats with a resolution of at least 300ppi. 

Trade & Books by the Foot

What benefits do you offer through your trade program, and who is considered qualified to join your “trade?” 

Our services are available to professionals in the design world and purchasers alike. This program welcomes residential and commercial designers, event planners, custom gifting, builders, and any other persons within the industry looking to utilize books in their designed projects!!

Exclusive discounts: Members of the trade program will get a 20% discount on all readymade sets with no minimums or volume requirements. Our expansive collection of book sets boasts over 150 to select from, allowing you to infuse a pop of art onto any shelf, console, or table.

Dedicated team: The program offers a reliable Juniper Custom associate to guide and assist at every step. They are passionate about delivering quality service by listening to and helping clients achieve their collection and library goals.

Trade Favorite Products: We update these collections often to stay current with the market and the unique requirements of our design clients and homeowners. Whether your project requires muted tones or vibrant hues, our mission is to fulfill all your design aspirations with products ready to ship quickly. 

Books by the Foot: Juniper Custom stands out in the world of BBTF for our unwavering commitment to exceptional standards across all our collections. We avoid duplicate titles, even when fulfilling large orders. Our used selections undergo a meticulous screening process to guarantee they meet the standards of a designer-worthy collection only Juniper Custom can uphold.  

We stock many of our best sellers in this category. BBTF by Juniper Custom is a great source for quick deliveries at a competitive price for superior quality.

Although we do not offer discounts on our BBTF collections or custom projects, you will receive a dedicated associate who will assist you at every step, ensuring you receive a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing collection.

Enroll HERE (link)

What differentiates Juniper Custom from other booksellers selling Books by the Foot and other decorative books? 

Our small company works with clients individually to source and curate the right books for their projects. We focus on the book's size and quality for decorative projects, ensuring that even our gently used Curated by Color BBTF look great in any residential or commercial space. 

Our Curated by Subjects BBTF offering provides brand-new books perfect for adding to a bedside table, single shelf, or entire bookcase.

Our Paper-Wrapped and Fabric-Wrapped BBTF offerings are made to order, with the ability to custom order colors not offered on our website. Email @

Due to the custom nature of our Books by the Foot collections, they are all final sale. 

Order 5’ or larger, there will be an additional fee (can it be added to p/f once they go over 5’?) we will email you the lead time once we receive the order. If this is a RUSH, please see HERE.

What is the minimum order to receive price breaks on your Books by the Foot Category? 

Juniper Custom’s Books by the Foot collections (link) are custom-made or pulled to order. We do not offer any discounts on BBTF. We are committed to providing you with books that enhance the aesthetics of your space by paying close attention to every detail. 

Regardless of the order's size, we avoid using duplicate titles and carefully screen all books before including them in your project. Additionally, we inspect used books using the same high-quality standards as our brand to guarantee that each book is suitable for your project, commercial or residential. 

While our prices may be higher, the service and quality that come with every Juniper Custom purchase are unparalleled.


What is your return/satisfaction policy on Custom projects? 

We want all of our projects to be delivered just as you envisioned. We work with you closely as we curate and design your project, nothing should be a surprise when you receive the custom project, big or small. 

If something needs to be discussed once you have received it, please email your custom project liaison, and we will discuss your concerns to see what can be done. 

How much will my custom project cost? 

Every project we work on, big or small, has unique requirements affecting the price. We have compiled this Rate & Resource sheet to help you understand our pricing structure. Please keep in mind the rates you see are estimates due to the custom nature of our business. 

I’m planning a large project with you, do you offer freight services?

Yes, we ship worldwide daily, with small single-package orders up to multiple pallets at a time. We are happy to work with you to plan through a third-party shipper or allow us to handle all shipping and handling, we are professionals every step of the way. 

Will Juniper Custom sign NDAs if requested?

We understand the importance of confidentiality and are more than willing to read & sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Do you sell rare books? 

While we do not sell individual rare books, we understand the importance of including them in collections. We do occasionally source rare books for our large custom library projects. If you are interested in rare books on a smaller scale, some great resources we recommend are,, or finding a rare and/or used bookseller near you.