Shipping your books to us

To ensure your books arrive in the same condition you send them, we ask you to pack them securely for their journey.

Here are a few simple instructions:

Wrap Books to Prevent Movement:

  • Carefully wrap each book in bubble wrap or an alternative packing material.
  • Place a layer of packing material at the bottom of the box to provide cushioning.
  • Position the wrapped books snugly inside the box, filling any empty spaces with more packing material to minimize movement. This will prevent any shifting during transit and help safeguard them from any potential damage.

Avoid Overweight Boxes:

  • For ease of handling and to prevent strain during transport, we recommend keeping the packed boxes no more than 30-35 pounds.

Scheduling your pick up:

  • If you require a pickup service, please let us know your preferred business day and confirm the pickup address. We're here to accommodate your needs and make the process as convenient as possible.
  • Shipping will be billed on final invoice for the project.

Thank you for entrusting us with your books with us - we are excited to receive them!

Please reach out anytime,