Literary Gift Guide: Top Gifts for Book Lovers, Bibliophiles, and Bookworms This Holiday Season

Literary Gift Guide: Top Gifts for Book Lovers, Bibliophiles, and Bookworms This Holiday Season - Juniper Custom

If there’s someone on your list who loves to read, getting them a fresh book to add to their shelves can be an easy gift idea. Unfortunately, choosing a book for a bookworm if you don’t know their taste well can be daunting, to say the least.

We have a few ideas to avoid that problem, and to be sure to give the book lover on your list a perfect gift (AKA, one they won’t be returning for store credit).

Books Everyone Should Own Subscription
When Juniper Books Founder Thatcher curated this collection, he was very careful to choose books that everyone should own – even your step-dad, who only reads non-fiction!
The jackets that wrap around each timeless novel in this collection are exclusive to the subscription, so even if they have a copy of the Odyssey, they don’t have one this beautiful.
Plus, with a monthly subscription, your recipient will be receiving a gift every month! What’s better than a gift that truly gives year round?

Beautiful Bookends
Someone who loves books probably has quite a few books to display on their shelves, so why not help make them beautiful? We love these Agate Bookends from West Elm, that help add a pop up color and a natural element to shelves!

A Mug Warmer
If you’ve ever been so enthralled by a book that time passes without you noticing, and then gone to take a sip of your coffee and tea only to realize that your cup has gone ice cold, you know how unpleasant that moment can be! If you have a reader on your list who is likely to lose track of time, help them avoid this with a nifty mug warmer!

A Library Candle
Yes, a candle that smells just like the comfort and coziness of a library! Scented candles are always a pretty safe bet in the gifting world, and this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

An Obvious State Tote Bag (or mug, or print, or journal)
It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Obvious State and their modern, minimalistic art! If there’s a book lover in your life, adding one of their products to their collection will surely be appreciated.

Something that shows of their house pride
Is there a Harry Potter fan on your list? If they already have a set of Juniper Books Harry Potter Jackets, then you can’t go wrong with these fun bookmarks that will show off their house pride!

A way to show of their love of books and stay organized
We’re big fans of Jane Mount’s beautiful work (so much so that we featured her art in our Winter 2019 Seasonal Edit box, pictured above!). If you have a reader on your list, they’re sure to love Jane’s bookish art, and her 2020 Bibliophile Planner is the perfect thing to help your friend stay organized in the new year!